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iPadmate refers to everyone who loves the iPad. Up till today, we’ve shared with you many tips and hacks for using the iPad for school, work, and other everyday situations.

With the new iPadmate NFT project, you will be able to connect with those interested in iPad, digital art, design, and illustration, to learn and discover new things together. If you’re interested in doing creative things on the iPad, this is the right place for you! We look forward to becoming your iPadmate.

VISION TO CREATE iPad schools&Studies TO CREATE iPad schools&Studies

Share you love for iPad!

It’s our ambition to have iPadmate Schools & Studios all around Japan where people of all ages can learn iPad and digital art and have creative experiences. iPadmate NFTs holder will have access to the studios and be able to participate in school launches to support our community.

iPadmate School for kids in Kyoto iPadmate School for kids in Kyoto

In January 2022, we opened iPadmate Kids, the first creative school specializing in iPads for elementary school students, where they learn about drawing, design, how to write study notes, and other iPad-specific skills. Our goal is to expand the number of schools and develop children’s creativity.

iPadmate Studio in Tokyo iPadmate Studio in Tokyo

We’re planning to open a new iPadmate school and studio in Tokyo soon. The proceeds of the NFT will be invested in preparation funds. Our future goal is to expand these to other locations throughout Japan.

Let’s build our new iPadmate studio with all of our NFT holders! Let’s build our new iPadmate studio with all of our NFT holders!

Join our iPadmate community!

As a supporter of our activities,
all holders who purchase the
iPadmate NFT can contribute to the
iPadmate School & Studios expansion.

  • In our community, let’s share information on how to use iPad apps, digital art techniques and NFT for creators on Discord.

  • Meetup and online workshops are held at iPadmate Kids in Kyoto, Japan. So let’s connect with iPad lovers all over Japan!

    MeetUp and online workshops
  • You will be invited to participate in planning the launch of the new iPadmate School & Studios.

    Co-CREATE OUR NEW schools and studios

More icon designs are coming soon too, so please follow me on Twitter & YouTube for the latest updates!

iPadmate GIRL iPadmate GIRL
iPadmate BOY iPadmate BOY
iPadmate KIDS iPadmate KIDS
iPadmate ZOO iPadmate ZOO
FOUNDER amity_sensei iPad Youtuber / ArtDirector

In April 2022, I founded iPadmate Kids, a creative school focused on iPads. In the past, I’ve given lectures at Kyoto University of Arts, Department of Information Design, and attended Adobe MAX/Today at Apple events. I’ve also written books sharing tips and tricks for using the iPad creatively!